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2020 SCI4 陈顺 Microemulsion synthesis of anhydrous calcium sulfate nanowhiskers with calcium acetate solution and its surface structure stable and crystal phase evolution after modification
2020 SCI1 余迎松 Effect of substrate elasticity on evaporation kinetics and evaporative deposition of aqueous polystyrene nanoparticles droplets
2020 SCI3 何俊 Durability of soft soil treated with soda residue and ground granulated blast furnace slag in a soaking environment
2020 SCI1 何俊 Strength properties of dredged soil at high water content treated with soda residue, carbide slag, and ground granulated blast furnace slag
2020 SCI1 汪淑廉 Defensive responses of microalgal-bacterial granules to tetracycline in municipal wastewater treatment
2020 SCI4 汪淑廉 Photodegradation of microcystin-LR by pyridyl iron porphyrin immobilized on NaY zeolite
2020 SCI4 白应华 Effects of vinyl acetate-ethylene emulsion on setting time and mechanical properties of alkali-activated cementitious materials
2020 SCI3 施卓,皮科武 Enhanced dewater efficiency for river sediment by top-to-bottom water transmitting channels with different materials
2020 SCI1 吴攀,皮科武 Dewaterability and energy consumption model construction by comparison of electro-dewatering for industry sludges and river sediments
2020 SCI4 陶高梁 Relationship between multifractal characteristics of particle-size distribution and hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated soils
2020 SCI4 陶高梁 Comparative Analysis of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve in Fractal and Empirical Models
2020 SCI3 陈青生 Shear behavior of polyurethane foam adhesive improved calcareous sand under large-scale triaxial test
2020 SCI4 陈青生 Strength and deformation characteristics of calcareous sands improved by PFA
2020 SCI2 陈威 Achieving full effective microwave absorption in X band by double-layered design of glass fiber epoxy composites containing MWCNTs and Fe3O4 NPs
2020 SCI1 贺行洋 Feasibility of incorporating autoclaved aerated concrete waste for cement replacement in sustainable building materials
2020 ESI/SCI1 贺行洋 New treatment technology: The use of wet-milling concrete slurry waste to substitute cement
2020 SCI1 冷一非 Tetracyclines, sulfonamides and quinolones and their corresponding resistance genes in
coastal areas of Beibu Gulf, China
2020 SCI2 冷一非 Transformation mechanisms of tetracycline by horseradish peroxidase with/without redox
mediator ABTS for variable water chemistry
2020 SCI3 于宪煜 A landslide susceptibility map based on spatial scale segmentation: A case
study at Zigui-Badong in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China
2020 SCI1 李毅 Numerical investigation of a novel approach to coupling compressed air energy storage in aquifers with geothermal energy
2020 SCI4 田密 CPT-Based Probabilistic Characterization of Undrained Shear Strength of Clay
2020 SCI4 李丽华 The triaxial test of construction and demolition (C&D) materials with different particle sizes and sand contents
2020 SCI1 李丽华 Experimental study on the reinforced fly ash and sand retaining wall under static load
2020 SCI3 李丽华 Behavior of Tire-Geogrid-Reinforced Retaining Wall System under Dynamic Vehicle Load
2020 SCI4 李丽华 Experimental study of polypropylene fibre-reinforced clay soil mixed with municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash
2020 SCI4 李丽华 Mechanical and microscopic properties of alkali-activated fly-ash-stabilised construction and demolition waste
2020 EIJA 李丽华 Mechanical properties of reinforcement about rice husk ash mixed soil
2020 EIJA 李丽华 Large dynamic triaxial test study on reinforcement mechanisms
of reinforced construction waste
2020 EIJA 李丽华 Numerical simulation of compaction stress for the analysis of
reinforced earth retaining wall
2020 SSCI2/SCI3 王淑嫱 Research on production process optimization of precast concrete component factory based on value stream mapping
2020 SCI3 水陆杰,常锋毅 Pollution Characteristics and Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Sediments of the Three Gorges Reservoir
2020 SCI1 张帆 Influence of cooling rate on thermal degradation of physical and mechanical properties
of granite
2020 SCI1 黎甜,时亚飞 Leaching behaviors and speciation of cadmium from river sediment dewatered using contrasting conditioning
2020 SCI3 刘瑞芬 The influence of extensive green roofs on rainwater runoff quality: a field-scale study in southwest China
2020 ESI/SCI2 周建国 Automatic subway tunnel displacement monitoring using robotic total station
2020 SCI3 王超 A Combined Method for Time-Varying Parameter Identification Based on Variational Mode Decomposition and Generalized Morse Wavelet
2020 EIJA 王超 Structural time-varying frequency identification under moving load based on generalized Morse wavelet and EWT
2020 EIJA 王超 Instantaneous Frequency Identification of a Structure Using Variational Mode Decomposition and Generalized Morse Wavelets
2020 EIJA 庄心善 Experimental study of dynamic elastic modulus and damping ratio of expansive soil in Hefei
2020 EIJA 庄心善 Experimental study on dynamic deformation and dynamic strength of expansive soil modified by phosphorus tailings
2020 EIJA 庄心善 Quantitative research on morphological characteristics of hysteretic curves of remolded weak expansive soil under cyclic loading
2020 EIJA 庄心善 Accumulated deformation and dynamic strength properties of weak expansive soil under cyclic loading
2020 SCI 2 丁祥 Modelling of time-dependent proppant embedment and its influence on tight gas production
2020 SCI1 丁祥 Modeling of hydraulic fracturing in viscoelastic formations with the fractional Maxwell model
2020 EIJA 沈子豪,李扬 Relating deformation parameters
test research of mortar and
limestone cooled to
cryogenic temperatures
2020 SCI2 李文涛 Carbonating
MgO for treatment of manganese- and cadmium-contaminated soils
2020 EIJA 陈娜 Key Construction Techniques for Pier-Side Brackets of Pingtan Straits Rail-cum-Road Bridge
2020 SCI2 杨进 Wet-milling disposal of autoclaved aerated concrete demolition waste - A comparison with classical supplementary cementitious materials
2020 SCI2 杨进 Shrinkage properties and microstructure of high volume ultrafine phosphorous slag blended cement mortars with superabsorbent polymer
2020 SCI3 杨进 Nano-carbide slag seed as a new type accelerator for Portland cement
2020 SCI4 杨进 Fluid Permeability of Ground Steel Slag-Blended Composites Evaluated by Pore Structure
2020 SCI1 杨进 Effect of steam curing on compressive strength and microstructure of high volume ultrafine fly ash cement mortar
2020 SCI2 邢琼 Shear behaviour of fire-damaged reinforced-concrete beams
2020 SCI1 王迎斌 Effects of wet-grinded superfine waste glass on the fresh properties and reaction characteristic of cement pastes
2020 SCI4 胡其志 Study on the Stability of a Transition Section from Soft to Hard Surrounding Rock
Based on the Solid-Fluid Coupling Effect
2020 SCI4 胡其志 Experimental Study on the Variation Law of Excess Pore Water Pressure at the Bottom of the
Foundation Pit for Excavation
2020 SCI4 刘永莉 Thermal conduction characteristics of DTS when detecting the integrity of cast-in-place piles considering their environment
2020 EIJA 刘永莉 Study on marl similar materials in similar simulation test
2020 SCI4 马强 Laboratory-scale model studies on bearing characteristics of junked tires encased slags pile composite foundation
2020 SCI3 马强 Effect of microstructure change on permeability of flax-fiber reinforced silty clay soaked with zinc-ion solution
2020 SCI3 马强 Model test study on mechanical properties of pipe under the soil freeze -thaw condition
2020 SCI4 马强 Experimental and Numerical Studies on Bearing Characteristics of Hexagonal-Section Composite Foundation Element
2020 SCI4 马强 Large-Scale Direct Shear Test on Tire Slice Reinforced Crushed Concrete Particles
2020 SCI3 马强 Temperature-Controlled Triaxial Compression Test of Tire Strip-Reinforced Silty Clay
2020 EIJA 陈琦,王和云 Effect of calcium addition on phosphorus enrichment capacity of two submerged plants (Potamogeton crispus L. and Ceratophyllum demersum L.)in water bodies
2020 EIJA 桑雨璇,王和云 Comparative phosphorus accumulation and Ca-P content of two submerged plants in response to light intensity and phosphorus levels
2020 SCI3 谭燕 Evaluation of the Hydraulic, Physical, and Mechanical Properties of Pervious Concrete Using Iron Tailings as Coarse Aggregates
2020 SCI4 谭燕 Model Experiment Study of Carbon Fiber Heating Wire for Deicing and Snow Melting on a Bridge Deck
2020 SCI4 谭燕 Influence of the Steel Fiber Content on the Flexural Fatigue Behavior of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
2020 EIJA 张佳敏 高健 Phytoplankton community structure of Lake Wushan stocked densely with planktivorous filter-feeding bighead and silver carp, middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River
2020 CSSCI 柯智溢 王琴 三峡水库忠县至秭归县段消落带植被群落特征研究
2020 EICA 黄奕 Based on the characteristic of different Spaces, the pattern of plant landscape in universities
2020 SCI4 陈智 Effect of Mortar Constraint Conditions on Pullout Behavior of GFRP Soil Nails
2020 SCI2 张会琴 One-step Ferrate(VI) treatment as a core process for alternative drinking water treatment
2021 SCI4 白应华 Meshless numerical simulation of singular fields at crack tips of branched crack
2021 EIJA 陈娜 Intelligent Interpretation of Rock Mass Discontinuity Based on Three-Dimensional Laser Point Cloud
2021 SCI 3 陈娜 Intelligent Interpretation of the Geometric Properties of Rock Mass Discontinuities Based on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
2021 SCI 4 陈娜 Automatic extraction of rock mass discontinuity based on 3D laser scanning
2021 SCI 4 陈青生 Laboratory Investigation on Particle Breakage Characteristics of Calcareous Sands
2021 SCI 4 陈青生 Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Calcareous Sands Improved by PFA
2021 SCI 3 陈青生 Cyclic stress-strain characteristics of calcareous sand
improved by polyurethane foam adhesive
2021 SCI4 陈升平 Constitutive Relation of Fiber Reinforced Concrete under Uniaxial Compression
2021 SCI4 陈顺 Laboratory Evaluation for Utilization of Phosphogypsum through Carbide Slag Highly-Effective Activating Anhydrous Phosphogypsum
2021 SCI3 陈伟 Permeability of a macro-cracked concrete effect of confining pressure and modelling
2021 SCI4 陈智 Research on heat exchange law and structural design optimization of deep buried pipe energy piles
2021 SCI3 陈智 Research on the heat exchange characteristics of the deeply buried pipe type of energy pile
2021 SCI4 程凯 Characters of a nitrobacter enrichment culture from a freshwater aquaculture pond
2021 EIJA 程凯 The contribution of Nitrosomonas europaea/Nitrosococcus mobilis lineage to the deamination in full-scale landfill leachate treatment systems
2021 SCI4 丁祥 Evolution of Strength Parameters for Sandstone Specimens during Triaxial Compression Tests
2021 SCI3 丁祥 Numerical Modeling of Proppant Embedment in Viscoelastic Formations with the Fractional Maxwell Model
2021 SCI3 丁祥 Analytical and Numerical Modelling of Creep Deformation of Viscoelastic Thick-Walled Cylinder with Fractional Maxwell Model
2021 SCI4 段志波 Experimental study of the permeability and poromechanical properties of thermally damaged granite
2021 SCI2 段志波 Hydric Cycle Impacts on COx Argillite Permeability and Young’s Modulus
2021 SCI4 高健 Effects of co-occurrence of invading Procambarus clarkii and Pomacea canaliculata on Vallisneria denseserrulata-dominated clear-water ecosystems: a mesocosm approach
2021 SCI4 高健 Longitudinal variation characteristics of stable isotope ratios of suspended particulate organic matter in the headwaters of the Qingjiang
2021 EIJA 高健 Effect of Pomacea canaliculata grazing on three submerged macrophytes and the related physicochemical factors
2021 SCI 2 高林霞 Investigation and improvement of the desulfurization performance of
molten carbonates under the influence of typical pyrolysis gases
2021 scI 4 何俊 Unconfined Compressive Strength and Microscopic Characteristics of Soft Soil Solidified with Soda Residue and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
2021 SCI2 何俊 The effect of leachate seepage on the mechanical properties and microstructure of solidified sludge when used as a landfill temporary cover material
2021 EIJA 何俊 Durability Analysis of Sludge Solidified with Soda Residue Subjected to Dry-Wet and Freeze-Thaw Cycles
2021 EIJA 何俊 Utilization of soda residue and ground granulated blast furnace slag to stabilize/solidify sewage sludge in leachate soaking environment
2021 SCI4 胡其志 Study on the Stability of Slopes Reinforced by Composite Vegetation Combined with a Geogrid under Rainfall Conditions
2021 EIJA 胡智 Electrical resistivity evolution of compacted silty clay under wetting-drying cycles sequentially coupled with dynamic loads
2021 EIJA 黄彩萍 Intelligent classifier of concrete apparent diseases based on deep learning
2021 SCI3 江维薇 Composition and distribution of vegetation in the water level fluctuating zone of the Lantsang cascade reservoir system using UAV multispectral imagery
2021 SCI1 冷一非 Occurrence and ecotoxicological risk assessment of perfluoroalkyl substances in water of lakes along the middle reach of Yangtze River, China
2021 SCI2 冷一非 Transformation of sulfadiazine in humic acid and polystyrene microplastics solution by horseradish peroxidase coupled with 1-hydroxybenzotriazole
2021 SCI3 冷一非 Transformation of Tetracycline by Manganese Peroxidase from Phanerochaete chrysosporium
2021 EIJA 李厚民 An improved multi-objective topology optimization model based on SIMP method for continuum structures including self-weight
2021 SCI 3 李丽华 Characterisation of geogrid and waste tyres as reinforcement materials in railway track beds
2021 SCI 1 李丽华 Creating in-situ polymeric layer based on photocuring for various construction applications
2021 EIJA 李丽华 Cyclic shear performance of fiber bottom ash mixed soils
2021 SCI 4 李丽华 Experimental investigations on the mechanically stabilised earth wall under static load conditions
2021 SCI 4 李丽华 Sand- and Clay-Photocured-Geomembrane Interface Shear Characteristics Using Direct Shear Test
2021 SCI3 李文涛 Closure to “Suppressing Ettringite-Induced Swelling of Gypseous Soil by Using Magnesia-Activated Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag” by Wentao Li, Yaolin Yi, and Anand J. Puppala
2021 SCI2 李文涛 Carbonating MgO for treatment of manganese- and cadmium-contaminated soils
2021 EIJA 李扬 Experimental study on mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete beams before cracking at ultra-low temperature
2021 EIJA 李扬 Research on temperature induced restraining stress of steel bar in reinforced concrete under ultra-low temperature
2021 SCI4 李毅 An enhanced role understanding of geothermal energy on compressed air energy storage in aquifers considering the underground processes
2021 SCI2 李毅 Compressed air energy storage in aquifers: Basic principles, considerable factors, and improvement approaches
2021 EIJA 李祝 Spatiotemporal distribution of aerobic ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms in sediments of Lake Donghu, Wuhan
2021 SCI3 梁越 Experimental study of concrete creep under thermal-mechanical-hydric conditions
2021 SCI4 刘瑞芬 Water balance computation and water quality improvement evaluation for Yanghe Basin in semiarid area of North China using coupled MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 modeling
2021 SCI4 刘一鸣 Macro-Micro Mechanical Behavior of Crushable Granular Materials under
Generalized Stress Conditions
2021 SCI3 刘一鸣 Discrete Element Modelling of the Mechanical Behavior of Sand–Rubber Mixtures under True Triaxial Tests
2021 SCI3 刘一鸣 Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Direct Shear Behavior of Sand–RCA (Recycled Concrete Aggregates) Mixtures with Different Contents of RCA
2021 SCI1 刘一鸣 DEM investigation on the mechanical behavior of mudstone in the hollow cylinder torsional shear test
2021 SCI4 卢应发 Mechanism and Stability Analysis of Deformation Failure of a Slope
2021 EIJA 卢应发 Multi parameter evaluation index of progressive failure of landslide
2021 SCI 3 马强 A Simplified Method for Calculating Vertical Earth Pressure on Rigid Load Shedding Culvert Crown Underneath the Embankment
2021 SCI 4 马强 Analysis of pressure on the roof of a culvert underneath a ditch with compressible material covered by a geosynthetic layer
2021 SCI 3 马强 Effect of Bermuda grass root on mechanical properties of soil under dry-wet cycles
2021 SCI 1 马强 Effect of concrete particles confinement on the creep behaviour of scrap tire strips and geogrid
2021 SCI3 马强 Mechanical properties of clay reinforced with Bermuda grass root under drying-wetting cycles
2021 SCI 4 马强 Mechanical-electrical properties of carbon fiber-reinforced lightweight substrate under wetting-drying cycles
2021 EIJA 马强 Study on the mechanical properties of flax fiber-reinforced silty clay contaminated by zinc-ion solution
2021 SCI 4 马强 Tensile properties of surface modified bamboo slices coated with epoxy resin considering the corrosion of acid and alkali environment
2021 SCI2 皮科武 Synchronization of dehydration and phosphorous immobilization for river sediment by calcified polyferric sulfate pretreatment
2021 SCI 3 时亚飞 Adaptability of organic matter and solid content to Fe2+/persulfate and skeleton builder conditioner for waste activated sludge dewatering
2021 SCI4 史宏财 Investigation on creep behavior and permeability evolution characteristics of sandstone under different pore pressures
2021 EIJA 孙贤斌 A congestion bottleneck analysis model for tourist block street network
2021 SCI4 谭燕 Experimental Study on the Influence of Buried Geothermal Pipes on the Temperature Field of Concrete Roads
2021 EIJA 谭燕 Experimental study on clogging process and restoration of permeable concrete pavement
2021 SCI1 陶高梁 Chemical stabilization of calcareous sand by polyurethane foam adhesive
2021 SCI4 陶高梁
Effects of Contact Angle on the Hysteresis Effect of Soil-Water Characteristic Curves during Dry-Wet Cycles
2021 SCI4 陶高梁 Prediction of Soil Water Characteristic Curve Based on Soil Water Evaporation
2021 SCI4 陶高梁 The test and fitting analysis of Hunan clay soil-water characteristic curve in full suction range
2021 EIJA 陶高梁 Study on permeability characteristics of porous transparent gels based on synthetic materials
2021 SCI 3 汪淑廉 Selective removal of common cyanotoxins: a review
2021 SCI 4 汪淑廉 Microalgal-bacterial granular sludge process in non-aerated municipal wastewater treatment under natural day-night conditions: Performance and microbial community
2021 SCI 1 汪淑廉 Cadmium-effect on performance and symbiotic relationship of microalgal-bacterial granules
2021 SCI1 汪淑廉 Tetracycline-induced decoupling of symbiosis in microalgal-bacterial granular sludge
2021 SCI4 王超 Overview of integrated health monitoring system installed on cable-stayed bridge and preliminary analysis of results
2021 SCI1 王迎斌 Mechanical and microstructure development of portland cement modified with micro-encapsulated phase change materials
2021 SCI1 王迎斌 Preparation and characterizations of hydroxyapatite microcapsule phase change materials for potential building materials
2021 SCI 4 夏冬桃 Effects of maximum particle size of coarse aggregates and steel fiber contents on the mechanical properties and impact resistance of recycled aggregate concrete
2021 SCI4 肖衡林 Influence of Temperature on BOTDR Used to Monitor Stabilizing Piles
2021 ESI高被) 杨进 Eco-friendly treatment of low-calcium coal fly ash for high pozzolanic reactivity: A step towards waste utilization in sustainable building material
2021 SCI 1 杨进 Eco-friendly UHPC prepared from high volume wet-grinded ultrafine GGBS slurry
2021 SCI 1 杨进 Effect of steam curing on compressive strength and microstructure of high volume ultrafine fly ash cement mortar
2021 SCI 1 杨进 Green reaction-type nucleation seed accelerator prepared from coal fly ash ground in water environment
2021 SCI 1 杨进 Heat-cured cement-based composites with wet-grinded fly ash and carbide slag slurry: Hydration, compressive strength and carbonation
2021 SCI 1 杨进 Improving durability of heat-cured high volume fly ash cement mortar by wet-grinding activation
2021 SCI 1 杨进 Potential usage of porous autoclaved aerated concrete waste as eco-friendly internal curing agent for shrinkage compensation
2021 SCI4 杨艳霜 Energy Evolution Law of Marble Failure Process Under Different Confining Pressures Based on Particle Discrete Element Method
2021 SCI4 杨艳霜 Investigation on the relationship between CT numbers and marble failure under different confining pressures
2021 SCI3 杨智勇 The Icing Distribution Characteristics Research of Tower Cross Beam of Long-Span Bridge by Numerical Simulation
2021 SCI3 于宪煜 Study on landslide susceptibility mapping based on rock-soil characteristic factors
2021 EIJA 余迎松 Dilute sodium dodecyl sulfate droplets impact on micropillar-arrayed non-wetting surfaces
2021 SCI2 余迎松 Droplet impact on pillar-arrayed non-wetting surfaces
2021 EIJA 张褚强 Study on the influence range and limit angle in the west area of Chengchao Iron Mine by sublevel caving
2021 SCI4 张帆 Experimental Study on Thermal Expansion Behavior of Concrete under Three-Dimensional Stress
2021 ESI 张帆 Laboratory investigation on Physical and Mechanical Properties of granite after heating and water-cooling treatment
2021 SCI4 张帆 Experimental investigations on the tensile behaviour of granite after heating and water-cooling treatment
2021 SCI3 张帆 Experimental Study on Influence of Chemical Corrosion on Mechanical Property of Fissured Granite
2021 SCI1 张帆 Modification of poroelastic properties in granite by heating-cooling treatment
2021 SCI2 张帆 The Effect of Pre-heating Treatment and Water-Cement Ratio on the Shearing Behavior and Permeability of Granite-Cement Interface Samples
2021 SCI4 张会琴 Properties and heavy metal leaching characteristics of leachate sludge‐derived biochar
2021 SCI 4 周安 Study on Mechanical Properties of PET Fiber-Reinforced Coal Gangue Fine Aggregate Concrete
2021 SCI3 周建国 Accuracy analysis of dam deformation monitoring and correction of refraction with robotic total station
2021 EIJA 周金枝 Research on applying UHPC to Composite Girder of Railway Bridge
2021 SCI 4 周金枝 Flexural Fatigue Behaviors of Silicon Carbide Recycled
Concrete in Corrosive Environments
2021 SCI 4 周金枝 Full-Scale Model Experimental Study of the Flexural Behavior of Hollow Slabs Strengthened by UHPC
2021 EIJA 庄心善 Experimental study of dynamic elastic modulus and damping ratio of improved expansive soil under cyclic loading by expanded polystyrene
2021 SCI4 邹贻权 Effect of Concrete Micro-Mechanical Properties under the Coupled Corrosion of Sulfate and High Water Head
2021 EIJA 邹贻权 Spatiotemporal deterioration of concrete under high osmotic pressure and sulfate attack
2021 SCI4 陈智 In-Situ Thermomechanical Response Test of an Energy Pile Under Temperature Loading
2021 SCI5 黄彩萍 Deep residual network training for reinforced concrete defects intelligent classifier